Thursday, October 13, 2016

You won't Belive How Bodoland Looks from Sattelite

Hello Peoples, In 2005 Google Introduced the magnificent Technology name Google Earth, where a user can access from any side of your Laptop or Phone Screen. Yes, I'm talking about the Three Dimensional Functionality over the web page or Application can make more reliable to View Maps, Roads, Places and you can view LIVE of any Places if you download the Pro version as well. So, I finally explored some places over my lappy which look wired as you see it from the Upside.

Here's the List in the below.

1. BTC Office Kokrajhar
Isn't the BTC Headquarter looks like the HQ of some Hollywood Movies like the Avengers haha
2. Bodoland Martyrs 
To the Left Corner the Bodoland University and in the middle just observed nicely the Martyrs Design seems like Swords or something i don't know.

3. Towards North Bijni Reserved Forest
Don't you see that deep Green portion straight line is actually a reserved forest but it seems like being Censored?
4. Deeplai Beel and Dher Beel
 Now i came to know How close Brahmaputra is near Dher Beel.

 5. Aie Bridge (Hagrama Bridge)
Till now it's the most wired river I have found so far in Bodoland. 

Thank You, Guys, for looking this article hope you got something from this post. Please Comment and Share your Opinions about this post.
Jwi Boro Harini

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