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Places to visit Seasonal Festival in Bodoland

From the ancient time Bodos have been observing their own Cultural festivals like Maghw domasi, Rongjali Bwisagu, Kerai Fwrbw and Bathou Puja. Many of these festivals are found less interested due to western culture influence like the Durga puja, Diwali, and Christmas. Although Bodo's main religion is Bathou, people adopt different western religions by their influence. Some of them have already forgotten what festivals are celebrated during which season and for what reason. Some even hesitate to visit as their priest avoid them to visit other festivals. Since then many places are found less interested or can say practice only a little. We have many major towns here in Bodoland like Kokrajhar, Kajalgaon, Bijni, Rupohi, Simla, Mushalpur, Tamulpur, and Udalguri as well only a few number those town regions are found observing.

2. Bathou Puja in Mushalpur,Baksa 

Bathou means Submerged Five "Ba" means Five and "Thou" means Deep or Submerged, which Bodos actually signifies the deep meaning of Five literally. It's the worshiping festival of mother nature where they worship the five elements of the Universe Land(HAA), Water(Dwi), Air(BAR), Fire(ORR) and Space(Okwrang).
On this festival many people sacrifices Pigeons and Goats etc gradually this system has turned to just fruits, flowers, and local home wine offering.
Alright, all those are the practice task of Bathou puja. You can find the biggest festival of Bathou puja in Mushalpur by the mids of January which I came to know by the year 2013.

1. Bwisagu in Bijni,Chirang


Rongjali Bwisagu is one of the major festivals of Bodo people. It is celebrated during the mids of April-May as the New Year Festival because all the living things like plants start forming new leaves, the cuckoo bird found singing COO-KOO, And many mother Nature things are found newly formed. That's why many peoples in India including the indigenous tribe of Assam the great Bodos are found celebrating New Year in this Season.
Here in the Bodoland especially in Bijni and Mushalpur Area region you will find peoples observing with peace and harmony. On the beginning of the first day they shower their cattle and pray for their cattle that they could work hard for the new upcoming year and make huge resource also Cowboys and Cattle get to rest on that day. After that day children are put forward to pray their parents as the parents serve as the GOD of the children and therefore many co-curricular activities and Sports competitions are observe within the society. Many teenagers are found enjoying traditional dances and song to other neighbor house and even colonies to entertain them as they believe everybody should welcome the new year with joy and happiness those traditions are called "DAMSI Mwsanai".
Luckily people here in Bijni are extra interest as they organize a Bwisagu event with Outdoor Dance(Langdang Mwsanai) and Stage Event with Musical Nights for 2 consecutive days in every Village.
People like me get overwhelming with the Rice Beer with Pork Fried, Fried Fruit Eating Ants Eggs and enjoy in every Bwisagu Events for the whole month. :D  


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