Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I Just Want To Be Creative With My Music: Kavita Boro

This 18-year-old girl voice is so sweet that. She is sure to become your next favourite singer in your playlist. An interesting fact is that she is not trained, singer. Her name is Kavita Boro from Udalguri,Bodoland(Ind) below is a chat with her via Facebook…
From which age did you start singing?
Kavita Boro:  I’ ve always loved singing since I was a little girl.I started recording songs at my cousin’s studio when I was 13-14
Okay! How many songs you have sung so far and which one is your favourite?
Kavita Boro:   So far, ten.My personal favourite is “Stay”
Ten songs that is really super, who wrote those lyrics and why it is your favourite and also did you had any vocal lesson?
Kavita Boro:  Thank You. Initially, my cousin and one of his friends, Adison Basumatary helped me with the Bodo lyrics  and music. When it comes to English songs, I pen down the lyrics on my own and compose them. So far, I’ve written only three English songs.Hiro Nya, a talented friend of my cousin helps us with the music. And no, I’ve not had any vocal training.
So, do you consider it as a God’s gift?
Kavita Boro:  I’ m not sure, I’m just an amateur. Even when people say they like my voice I choose to be humble about it. If it’s a God’s Gift,I’m thankful.The things  are I just  love to sing and that’s it.
Okay! That’s good. You’re a studio singer. Any plan to perform in live shows in near future?
Kavita Boro:  I’d love to go live. For the time being, I just want to hone my skills and learn as much as possible.
  Please tell us more about yourself?
Kavita Boro:  Sure, I’m 18 now. I have two siblings.I like to be creative and so I like to paint,sing, write songs and stuff. I love watching movies.Music is my first love.When I was 5, my cousin first introduced me to Toybox,Vengaboys and Avril Lavigne and since then I’ve been I love with singing.I want to be able to keep on making songs for as much long as I want. I just want to be creative with my music .I have Plan and I’m very, thankful to my cousin, Jwngsar Khungur Narzary to have initiated me into this path.
Thank you so much, Kavita for giving time for the interview. All the best for your future projects.
Kavita: Thank You

 Source: TheBodoTribe.Com

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