Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Common Snake Names in Bodo language

Alright, Guys its time to know about snakes here in Bodoland, Since Bodoland is situated in a Tropical Rain Forest of Bhutan Foothills we are quite familiar with the Insects, Snake, and even Wild Animals. We Belong to Tribes Ya we do no doubt.
So,it's no doubt for us we do regularly but rarely see many of common Snakes if we travel.
Lets, come to the point and see what is on the Top 6 list on our countdown.

1. Cobra/King Cobra="Pithigom/Galfa Fuwargra".

2. Great Black Krait="Jibou Daraj".

3. Russell Viper="Skri Boda".

4. Keelback Water Snake="Jibou Donda".

5.Banded Racer="Jibou Gwran"

6. Hammerhead Slug Flat Warm Snake="Jibou Kodal"

That's It from my Point of List of Common Snakes found or seen in local areas of Bodoland, if you have more information about  Snakes plz Comment down below and write its name in Bodo and Species i don't have much knowledge about Zoology Science.

Thank You Guys! Hope You Give Me New Thoughts and Please don't forget to Share.

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