Thursday, October 20, 2016

7 Traditional Musical Instruments of Bodo You May not Know

Since the immemorial, the Bodos have been maintaining a very rich musical heritage. Like any other civilized society of the ancient times, the Bodos have been using music as a medium of expressing their joy and sorrows. For the purpose, they made variously musical instruments with various skills from their natural resources which are easily available around them and those are of very fine quality. Some of these traditional instruments are still prevailing in use and some on the verge of extinction. Since ancient times Bodos have been able to niche a glory to their culture through their traditions dance and music. Shown here are some rare musical instruments which are still being used by the Bodo people for their traditional music purpose.

7. Kham or Madal (More than 200 years Old)


It is the Bodo musical drum which is big and long in size.

6.Siphung or Flute in English (More than 200 years Old)

It's the long-sized Bodo flute having five holes only.The length of the flute may vary from 25” to 30”.

5. Jotha (More than 200 years Old) 

It is a symbol which is like musical instrument beaten together in pairs.It is equal in size and shape with those used by the musicians of authentic Indian music.

4. Serza (More than 150 years Old) 

It is a kind of violin used by the Bodos and have four strings and traditionally played by a small bow made of bamboo strip.The bow string is made of a small bunch of hairs of a horse’s tail.The Sijou (Euphorbia spledens) log is the best known for making Serza.

 3. Jangirenga (More than 200 years Old)

It's a kind of instrument which is made from Bamboo sticks which produce the different pitch of Sound according to its stick size.

2. Thorkha (More than 100 years Old)

A bamboo clapter which vary from 2`1/2  feet to 3 feet in length.The clapter have two internodes and three nodes - the nodes are  in the upper,middle and lower respectively.The lower nodes save the clapter from being complete split away.

1. Zabkhring or Zapshing (More than 200 years Old)

It is made of wood in half moon style having some round suffocations on its body to adjust the metallic discs coins like by pins.These dies produce harmonious musical sound during the playing.

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