Tuesday, October 18, 2016

5 Things That All Single People Want To Tell Everyone

Nowadays it has become a trend to be in a relationship. It does not matter if you actually like that person or in love with him or her but society somewhat thinks it is a necessity to be with somebody. And if you happen to be single then there is something wrong with you. Personally, I have been single for well over 2 years and the most frequently asked question that I get is “why don’t you date?”
Well, for starters, maybe I do not want to date? Maybe people who are single are staying that way because they wish to and not because they are struggling to get dates. And there are a lot of other reasons which may frustrate a single person. Listed below are 5 of such things.
5. We are not alone
People have this weird idea that if you are not dating then you are alone. If you are not dating then you must be miserable and lonely. And that right there is a lot of trash talk. I mean, I personally have a lot of people in my life. I got my friends, family and work buddies with whom am constantly spending time with. If anything, if I did date, I wouldn’t be able to give her any time. So if you are assuming all single people are lonely then you are terrible wrong.

4. Single people are asexual

No really, who comes up with such ideas? For those of you who don’t know, asexual means people who are not sexually interested or have no feelings or desires sexually. Yes, there may be a lot of those guys around but not all single people are asexual. Some people can be very picky with whom they engage in sexual relations with. Others may not have the time to engage in such stuff. So all in all, the whole concept of single people are asexual is very absurd!

3. Nobody to share with

Yes, when you have a partner you can share everything with them and it makes life so much wonderful. But you don’t necessarily have to share stuff with only your partner now is it? You can always share stuff with your closed ones such as your mother, father, siblings, best friends, and so on. I have my parents with whom I am always discussing stuff and taking advice from. I am sharing my life with them aren’t I? Who says do you need to date to do that?

2. Single by choice

It might be very hard for people to grasp this concept by their thick heads but some of us are actually single by choice. Yes! You can remain to stay that way instead of jumping into one relationship from another and wasting time. And in the modern day, dating has become so much easier. Thanks to all the social media apps you can very easily find somebody to date if you wish to do so.

1. Stop giving advice

Yes, we get it. You only want to see the best for us and is trying to build up our confidence by saying stuff like “you are beautiful, funny, and smart and there are people for you”. But really, though, you need to stop saying such stuff. All of us know our worth we are just staying single because there are other things in life than posting Facebook statuses about how cute our other half is!






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