Saturday, October 15, 2016

3 Effects Of Eating Junk Food

Everyone knows that eating junk food is bad for out health. But despite that, we still go on to stuff our face with junk foods. It is one of those things that people carry on doing even though they are aware of the negative effects. But quite honestly, do people actually know why junk food is bad? Most of them would just say that it is because you will become fat. But that’s not all, there are multiple reasons as to why junk food is bad for our health. Listed below are some of the effects that junk food has on our body.

3. Metabolism Speed Decreases
Our body is built in such a way that when you eat something, almost immediately the muscles start to break down the food and take in all the nutrients and your muscles grow and all that. In short, the metabolism starts to do magic. However, when you eat too much junk food, the metabolism speed deteriorate. Even though you are eating the same amount of calories, the body now functions differently and as a result of the slow metabolism, you can’t break down food like you used to. Instead of breaking them down for energy, you are now storing it as fat to break down later on in the day. You now feel bloated, lazy and lethargic due to the junk food.

2. Damaging overall health
If you ever plan on going on a junk food diet, you can be assured that your health will deteriorate to the point where it can get critical. There are several ways that this junk food will be damaging your overall health. For starters, it will lead to a huge spike in the sugar levels in your body. While you will feel quite energetic at first, over time you will feel very tired and it will cause “post-prandial hyperglycemia”, which can lead to heart attacks. The tissues in your body will start to become inflamed like they do when infected. Your blood pressure will rise rapidly thereby causing, even more, problems. Apart from that, your blood vessels will start to constrict and you will feel very much suffocated. In short, continuous consumption of junk food will only hamper your health.

1. Junk food is Addictive
Our mind is wired in such a way that it can respond to us and let us know when we are over eating. We can stop whenever we want. However, with junk food, it is quite difficult. Manufacturers have found ways to use such elements in our food that it overrides the brain’s capacity to make us stop eating. As a result, we keep on eating even though we are full. And even after we stop eating, our brain signals us to eat again because the food we just consumed is addictive. So if we are constantly eating this, we are at the risk of prolonging the effects of junk food in our body. We become obese to the point where we can’t even see our toes! 

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