Sunday, October 23, 2016

10 Fishing tools and Implements of Bodos that you may not know

Fishing has great socio-cultural significance in the Bodo Society. There are various myths and beliefs with regard to fishing. Bodo people go for two types of fishing- individual fishing and community fishing. Individually, people can fish in water which is not very deep and in case of community fishing they go for deep water. For both the purpose the Bodo People use different types of tools which are made by them. It had been the ancient tradition that a Bodo man without the ability to make the basic fishing tools for him got lesser importance in the society.

10. Jekhai


9. Chen/Chenburung

8. Khokha

7. Pholo

6. Kobhai


5. Khakhi


4. Chagse


3. Zulakha


2. Chen Gidir


1. Suli and Khanthi



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