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7 Traditional Musical Instruments of Bodo You May not Know

Since the immemorial, the Bodos have been maintaining a very rich musical heritage. Like any other civilized society of the ancient times, the Bodos have been using music as a medium of expressing their joy and sorrows. For the purpose, they made variously musical instruments with various skills from their natural resources which are easily available around them and those are of very fine quality. Some of these traditional instruments are still prevailing in use and some on the verge of extinction. Since ancient times Bodos have been able to niche a glory to their culture through their traditions dance and music. Shown here are some rare musical instruments which are still being used by the Bodo people for their traditional music purpose.

7. Kham or Madal (More than 200 years Old)


It is the Bodo musical drum which is big and long in size.

6.Siphung or Flute in English (More than 200 years Old)

It's the long-sized Bodo flute having five holes only.The length of the flute may vary from 25” to 30”.

5. Jotha (More than 200 years Old) 

It is a symbol which is like musical instrument beaten together in pairs.It is equal in size and shape with those used by the musicians of authentic Indian music.

4. Serza (More than 150 years Old) 

It is a kind of violin used by the Bodos and have four strings and traditionally played by a small bow made of bamboo strip.The bow string is made of a small bunch of hairs of a horse’s tail.The Sijou (Euphorbia spledens) log is the best known for making Serza.

 3. Jangirenga (More than 200 years Old)

It's a kind of instrument which is made from Bamboo sticks which produce the different pitch of Sound according to its stick size.

2. Thorkha (More than 100 years Old)

A bamboo clapter which vary from 2`1/2  feet to 3 feet in length.The clapter have two internodes and three nodes - the nodes are  in the upper,middle and lower respectively.The lower nodes save the clapter from being complete split away.

1. Zabkhring or Zapshing (More than 200 years Old)

It is made of wood in half moon style having some round suffocations on its body to adjust the metallic discs coins like by pins.These dies produce harmonious musical sound during the playing.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Oma Bedor Ewonai aka Fried Pork in English

Pork is one of the most common meats eaten around the World. And for long time Pork has became the Bodos favourite meat among Bodos. There are many Bodo Cuisine or Dishes made with Pork like Mwitha+Oma, Narzi+Oma, Tarun+Oma and many more.
Here we present you the only Fried Oma(Pork) which is one the General dishes among Bodos.

Here's the Steps How It is cook

All you need Is

1. Pork meat depends how much quantity you want.
2. Water
3. Onion
4. Chilly
5. Turmeric Powder
6. Salt to Taste
7. Curry Leave(Nerswn Bilai) to made amzaing Aroma

Steps to Cook

1. Boil a Water till it raech 70-100 degree C.
2. Put the Pork meat in the Boil Water for 1 or 2 minutes.
3. Wash Pork meat with Cold Water Now till it become Clean.
4. Heat the Pan or the Utensils which you used for cook.
5. Put the Oil and make it Hot (You can use Olive,Mastered, Butter also).
6. Put the Cut Pieces of Onion and Chilly together in the Oil. (Fry untill it become brown). 
7. Put the Pork meat and fry it.
8. Put Some Salt to Taste.
9. Turmeric Powder for Color and Fry Untill the Pork become Brown for 10mins.
10. Pour Some amount of water and put Curry Leaves keep it sometime like 15mins.

Your Oma Bedor is Ready.

Laimwn Narzary ’12 Times Gold Medalist’

Sports: Sports News are now-a-day fill up with Bodo player’s name.Despite their achievement, we hardly hear how they had become this way. Or who inspire them to make themselves a Good player. In my recent interview with Laimwn which was taken on behalf of our documentary under the banner ‘Udangsri NEWS’ She said ‘Her Father inspire her to be who she is today’ as a child girl she shows interest in sports when she used to go with her father in football field when her father went there to play.

She was born in 21 –March -1998 in a Village –Ravapara under Fakiragram district Kokrajhar. Her career in sports started in 2010 when she got a chance to play in All Assam Inter District School Athletic Championship at Guwahati from 27th to 30th October in (Long Jump).She was that time 14 years Old.
During this period starting from 2010 to 2015 she brought many Bronze Medals and even Silver Medals. Her recent achievement was winning Gold in Wuhun,China(2015).And  she was also given the honour of Bodoland Khungri.
Post Credit: TheBodoTribe.Com

9 Body-Language Tricks To Make Anyone Instantly Like You

Your body sends people signals all the time, without paying attention to them. The way you move your eyes, the way you shake a hand and so on. There are things you can do to send subconscious signals using body language that make people like you better, or at least give you the benefit of the doubt. This article compiles the best body language tricks for you to make friends and influence people, starting from today!

9. Steeple your hands

This projects an image of intelligence and confidence. It will make you appear more interesting and trustworthy. This works best in more formal environments, use it when talking to your superiors and watch your credibility go skywards. You can also do this when someone is saying something important to you, as it makes you look very attentive and shows the speaker that they have your full and undivided attention.

8. Posture is important

Posture influences the first impression people have about you. This is why positive posture is vital when it comes to influencing people. Positive posture includes standing straight (no slouching!) while looking relaxed. Sit straight and keep some tension in your core, but don’t look rigid. Besides making you more likable, it will also make you feel more confident.

7. Master the handshake

The ideal handshake is firm, yet gentle. Use firm pressure, but don’t squeeze the other person’s hand too hard. Make eye contact when you shake hands, as looking away signifies disrespect or a sneaky attitude. Finally, when looking into someone’s eyes during the shake, smile as if you saw something in their eyes that makes you happy.

6. Mirror your posture

Mirroring the other person’s posture is a powerful psychological tool that will influence his/her opinion of you. Without being too obvious, copy their movements subtly. Cross your arms if they cross theirs, take a sip of your drink with them and simply smile when they do.

5. Tone down the fidget

Fidgeting makes you look shifty, uncomfortable or even childish. Don’t move around too much during a serious conversation. Constant gesturing will make you appear anxious and over-excited. Instead, simply fix a constant gaze on the listener and show them that you’re fully concentrated on what is going on.

4. The Big-Baby Pivot

People are very conscious of how you react to them. When you meet someone new, turn your body fully toward them and give them your full and undivided attention, the way you do to a baby. This tells them that they are significant to you and that you genuinely care about talking to them. In short, it makes them feel very special.

3. Epoxy eyes

While socialising in a group of people, you should occasionally look at the person you are interested in, regardless of who else is talking. If your attention is drawn to that person even when they are simply listening, you are showing that you are extremely interested in his or her reactions. However, doing this frequently can make the subject uncomfortable. You should not stare at them intensely for a long time. Instead, you should primarily watch the speaker, but allow your glance to wander to your target when the speaker finishes interesting points or pauses briefly.

2. Old friends

 When meeting someone for the first time, pretend they are your old friends. This will cause your subconscious to react in certain ways; relaxing your entire body, softening your eyes and positioning your toes. These changes will make you seem more friendly and approachable. Moreover, if you pretend you like someone, it acts as a self-fulfilling prophecy so that you might genuinely start liking them.

1. Watch how you smile

Don’t flash a huge smile immediately after being introduced to somebody. This makes them think anyone in your line of sight would receive that same smile. What you should do instead: pause for a second after focusing on their face and then let a big, warm, responsive smile flood over your face and overflow into your eyes. Although it just takes a second longer, this technique convinces people that you are genuinely happy to meet them.








5 Things That All Single People Want To Tell Everyone

Nowadays it has become a trend to be in a relationship. It does not matter if you actually like that person or in love with him or her but society somewhat thinks it is a necessity to be with somebody. And if you happen to be single then there is something wrong with you. Personally, I have been single for well over 2 years and the most frequently asked question that I get is “why don’t you date?”
Well, for starters, maybe I do not want to date? Maybe people who are single are staying that way because they wish to and not because they are struggling to get dates. And there are a lot of other reasons which may frustrate a single person. Listed below are 5 of such things.
5. We are not alone
People have this weird idea that if you are not dating then you are alone. If you are not dating then you must be miserable and lonely. And that right there is a lot of trash talk. I mean, I personally have a lot of people in my life. I got my friends, family and work buddies with whom am constantly spending time with. If anything, if I did date, I wouldn’t be able to give her any time. So if you are assuming all single people are lonely then you are terrible wrong.

4. Single people are asexual

No really, who comes up with such ideas? For those of you who don’t know, asexual means people who are not sexually interested or have no feelings or desires sexually. Yes, there may be a lot of those guys around but not all single people are asexual. Some people can be very picky with whom they engage in sexual relations with. Others may not have the time to engage in such stuff. So all in all, the whole concept of single people are asexual is very absurd!

3. Nobody to share with

Yes, when you have a partner you can share everything with them and it makes life so much wonderful. But you don’t necessarily have to share stuff with only your partner now is it? You can always share stuff with your closed ones such as your mother, father, siblings, best friends, and so on. I have my parents with whom I am always discussing stuff and taking advice from. I am sharing my life with them aren’t I? Who says do you need to date to do that?

2. Single by choice

It might be very hard for people to grasp this concept by their thick heads but some of us are actually single by choice. Yes! You can remain to stay that way instead of jumping into one relationship from another and wasting time. And in the modern day, dating has become so much easier. Thanks to all the social media apps you can very easily find somebody to date if you wish to do so.

1. Stop giving advice

Yes, we get it. You only want to see the best for us and is trying to build up our confidence by saying stuff like “you are beautiful, funny, and smart and there are people for you”. But really, though, you need to stop saying such stuff. All of us know our worth we are just staying single because there are other things in life than posting Facebook statuses about how cute our other half is!






Being The First Bodo Guy and Representing Oneself In Such a Big Platform is an Honour: Siddharth Boro

Local NEWS: (Siddharth Boro )He is from Guwahati pursuing BA.LLB from JB law college Guwahati .He was the youngest title winner of Mega Mr. North East in 2014. That's how he started his journey. He had completed an independent multi-language movie (3 smoking barrels) which had its press release in Cannes this year. It's in post-production stage. Also into mixed martial arts. 

He has been selected as the finalist of Honda Gladrags Megamodel Manhunt the Hottest TV Reality Series Hunt begins in 22nd May '16.Here is what he has to say about his success and also reaching there.

“It feels great like no words can express the feeling. I prepared myself intensely only in 20 days for this show. But you know all those sweat, hard work, and the pain was worth it. Initially, Mrs. Maureen Wadia ma'am called me strong, disciplined, appreciated my physic and called me Tiger Shroff for showing my martial arts skill. Being the first Bodo guy and representing oneself in such a big platform is an honor. So far I have made to top 19 and am really looking forward to the rest of the journey”

“I just want to break the stereotype psychology that being northeastern you don't have much scope in mainland industry. It's all about your will, determination, hard work, passion and love for your work. Nothing can stop you if you don't set limitations by yourself.” As told to the editor of the magazine

[Note: In the pictures from the top Siddharth Boro  holding chequebook after winning  Mega Mr. North East in 2014, Pic 2 list of finalist of Honda Gladrags Mega-model Manhunt the Hottest TV Reality Series 2016.  3 pic the Siddharth Boro  himself. And also all the info are provided by him.

Heritage of Mech Kingdom

History: The proposed Bodoland area and the present Assam State along with its surrounding areas were dominated by the absolute majority of the Mech (Bodo) people as well as historically ruled by the Mech (Bodo) kings. Thousands of years before the Mahabharata era, most of undivided India were ruled by Mech Kings. Chikra Mech alias Chikna Narayan Dev or Chiknath Narayan Mech was the founder king of this territory.

Chikra Mech had established the historical Mech (Bodo) kingdom in the Chiknajhar area of the Kokrajhar which is still a golden heritage location. Not only Chikra Mech, even the Rangpur princely province located in Bangladesh was ruled by the historically renowned Mech King Mahirangaa Danav, who was also popularly known as Maayrong Raja Mahirangaa.

The present Koch Behar and its distinguished royal state was also ruled by Naranarayan and Chilaray whose grandfather was Haowriya Mech, while on the other hand Dambaru Mech was their forefather who belonged to the historical Mech Royal dynasty. Kumar Prithviraj Narayan Dev Mech, the 19th royal descendant of the Bodo King Chikra Mech also said that the recall of the heritage and historical identity of an ethnic tribe or community is a must for better survival of the community as a whole.

Words by The president of the Royal Union of Koch Mech (RUKM), Prithviraj Narayan Dev Mech